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TM939S & SA / TM939D & DA

Specifications/Power Curves
Installation Drawings

USES: Workboats, Fishboats, Pleasure Crafts


  • Hydraulically controlled and Oil-Cooled Clutches shift with fast, smooth "finger tip response.
  • Unique Cluth Plate design (Belleville Washer shape) insures smooth engagin and disengaging, reduces slippage in engaged positionn, reduces drag in disengaged position, Positive neutral position.
  • Hardened and ground extra wide helical gears, straddle-mounted on anti-friction bearings on short and rigid shafts.
  • Emergency come-home feature.
  • Durable Rubber block drive.
  • Ratios:
    Shallow Case Models-
    1.75:1, 2.03:1, 2.50:1, 3.00:1, 3.48:1
    Deep Case Models -
    4.07:1, 4.72:1, 5.00:1, 5.86:1, 6.53:1, 7.00:1
  • Equipped with SAE No. 1 Housing.
  • Dry Flywheel Housing
  • Cluthches removable with Transmission attached to engine.
  • Full performance and identical ratios in forward or reverse operation
  • Oil-Cooled
  • Parts List and Service Manual
  • Input rotation suitable for right hand engine rotation engines. (Clockwise when viewed from front of engine)
  • Weights (dry): without Heat Exchanger
    Shallow Case model 510kg (1122 lbs.)
    Deep Case model 619kg (1342 lbs.)
    Large Case model 660kg (1452 lbs.)


  • Top mounted, hydraulically clutched, Power Take-Off.
  • Opposite input rotation
  • Heat Exchanger with flexible hoses.
  • Equipped with SAE No.0 Housing.
  • Mating Propellar Shaft Coupling.


Specifications/Power Curves
Installation Drawings